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Leather products, be it genuine or synthetic (PVC, PU, TPU), are widely used in our day to day life. However printing on leather was limited due to current technology, you can never print leather like the way you print on paper: clear, sharp and colorful.

Due to the nature of leather, soft and delicate, currently you can only use silk screen printing and intaglio printing methods to print colors on leather. And we all know that with silk screen, you can only print simple arts. On the other hand, although intaglio printing can print relatively more complicated pictures, the time needed to make etching plates is very long, normally takes 1~2 months. And a set of 4 colors etching plates range between USD1,000 and USD3,000 and the minimum order is 1,000 yards. Thus it becomes not feasible for orders which are time-sensitive or of small quantity.

The paper printing technology today is almost perfect, you are able to print any color, any form of complexity, clear and sharp pictures on paper with offset printing. But the printing technology is still very limited on leather. Now with our latest technology, we can help you realize any designs you want to print on leather. Whatever image you can print on paper now, we can print them on leather! The best of all, our technology inherits all the advantages offset printing offers:

● High-resolution -- full-color, clear and sharp; any pictures, any form of complexity!

● High productivity -- time needed to make printing plates can be as fast as a few hours and printing speed can reach 3,000 pcs/hr

● Low production cost -- no more expensive etching plates

● Non-colorfast -- colors do not bleed or run from the leather after print

● No restriction on material -- can be genuine leather or synthetic leather (PVC, PU, TPU)

If your company is trying to find a fun, unique and radical way to get its brand, image or logo noticed, now through working with us,you can have any high-resolution, full-color pictures printed on any leather goods. Your products, your company logo, or even yourown portrait on sporting goods (soccer, basketball, rugby, baseball...), wallets, name card holders, keychains, notebooks, mousepads,iPod pouches, etc. Our main goal is to provide and satisfy our clients with the BEST Quality products, Excellent CustomerService and unsurpassed Loyalty. If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact us anytime and share your thoughts with us,because in the end that's what it's all about, YOU!

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